Friday, October 19, 2007


So it's been forever since I blogged here. I have once or twice on OD though fyi.

Soooo...I left off with last Thursday huh. Geez- lots of craziness since then lol. Good times though so grab a drink, sit down, put your feet up and read;)

On a random note I'm so totally listening to my Christmas playlist right now lol. It's actually cold and fall/winter like here finally ('s Oct....that should've happened a good month ago....don't worry- it's not here to stay yet even- ridiculous *rolls eyes*). Eh I'm only a few weeks early lol- Christmas in my family starts on Thanksgiving lol. Christmas in my house....starts in November. I love my tree. My Christmas music. My decorations. All of it. So whatever.

Anyhow.....well the bachelorette party was good. I had to come relieve my sister of babysitting duty by 10p since she had school the next morning, so I missed out on the rest of the fun....but hell- she texted me like two hours after I left and they were coming home, so oh well. Amy got pics that's all I need lol. The bitch took TWENTY ONE shots yo. How she was still standing I think we all were wondering lol. I nearly died that she was up and at em to pick me up the next morning before our bridal party lunch thing all perky and cute.....she was suprised herself though too lol. However....the guys did their thing Thursday night also remember? Whatever. We all knew they'd do the strip club thing *rolls eyes*. I mean hey- I'm not all everyone should do that or anything....quite frankly I think they're all idiots- I guaren-fucking-tee you that there was no one at any strip club around here that's hotter than we are *rolls eyes* (we live in Kansas...give me gd break...they're a bunch of crackhead losers or they'd be making it big elsewhere). I'll never understand the appeal of looking at some naked chick you know is way less hot than what you have at home, and that being anyones idea of a good time....but hey, as long as Jason's behaving himself and having some standards- wthe *shrugs*. I trust him that much. Nicolle? Not so much. She did really really good though- better than I thought she was gonna....and agreed to leaving her phone at home- which I never thought in a million years she'd do. She was the bigger person and let it go and wasn't all psycho jealous. Yay Coley! Yeah....until the next day.....I swear......I could have killed them all *sigh*.

She called me Friday morning in tears absolutely livid. Mind you they got home at least at 3:30a- at least that's what time it was when Jason crawled into bed and I woke up- irritated mind you....he was supposed to stay at their place. In fact I told him to b/c he's annoying when he's drunk for one....for two- if he was drunk enough to get sick I was not even kinda in the mood to clean up and care for him....I already have one child thanks, and it's my off weekend too ya know? And three b/c he'd reek like bar smoke- which gives yours truly a headache (though by the time he got here I already had one...dude I puked up 18 bucks worth of On The Border yo. I was pissed. I seriously think my food was bad...I had one margarita, and it wasn't a alcohol involved puke process or headache at sucked....I'd rather have been wasted and sick thanks). So....why was she upset? Welp....Jeremy (a groomsman) came in to wake them up...jumps on their bed.....Scott rolls over (no shirt on) and low and behold what does she see?? Handprints and fingernail scratches all over his stomach. I shit you not yo. Now before you go all "boys will be was his last night out...blah blah fucking blah" on me here- save it and use your brain a little. For one thing the "last night out" thing is crap....he's not some early twenties guy going off with a big hurrah....they're living together and have a baby together- no one is that naive *rolls eyes*. Plus....We're all girls can't tell me that any man on the face of the planet would think oh gee- it won't matter to my gf/fiancee/wife (whatever). They're not stupid....they try and play it well, but they know better. Some people tolerate more than others but give me a break and think of it this way: How would you like to have waited all your life to marry this wonderful man....have this fairy tale day you always wanted....only to go on your honeymoon that night and have to look at some stripper marks all over your new husbands body hmmm?? It kinda puts a damper on the mood thanks *rolls eyes*. It's disrespectful- I don't care what anyone says....and not to him- to her. Do your thing, get your lap dances, and whatever the hell else you wanna do- but geezus know she's uneasy already about you going and that was a HUGE step for her to let go and not call and all think that'll ever happen again ? Ha. Not now. I felt SO damn bad for her that morning. She said she saw it and just literally couldn't believe it- not in some psycho way mind you...she's not an idiot she doesn't assume more happened than what did....its just the fact that that was there afterwards? If we'd have done that and brought her home with marks....all hell would have broken loose. Not cool. She told him to get the fuck out of her bed, and the fuck out of her room before calling me. I was less than thrilled as you can imagine.

I head downstairs to a Jason shitting on the toilet in his bathroom holding his pounding head, trying to decide which end was it was gonna come out of *rolls eyes* and asked him if he could stand up for a second. Why he asked? biggie....just wanted to see if you've got handprints and nail marks on you too honey....?? Ya'll should've seen the "oh shit" look on his face lol *rolls eyes*. Keep in mind...I'm being calm and rational. I'm not even pissy about the fact that they went all the way to SALINA to the damn strip place (fucking crazy...a good two hours ya'll...idiots....). He laughs- I tell him its not funny....that my best friend in the world just called me livid pissed and crying....the day before her wedding....and I thought he had more sense and respect for her than to let it get that far. To which prompts him to attempt to get know....the one where they're all "it was're being jealous...." and try and turn around what they did wrong, onto you for getting pissy with them?? Yeah that one. Not today buddy....not today. I told him to shut up and don't even go there with me....I don't give a flying fuck that they went to some strip club in Salina....I'm not flipping out to accuse him of anything other than being a jackass and not thinking of anyone but themselves thank you very much. My point was that each one of those guys either has a wife/fiancee/gf or has had a gf at one time or another....therefore they're not ignorant and stupid to the fact that it wasn't going to fly with anyone. I was like seriously....did you think for one second ya'll weren't going to come home, and if we knew that or saw would be okay?!? I didn't. Yeah- maybe next time you should keep that in mind. Don't get defensively pissy with me b/c you guys were idiots- I'm mad about nothing more than the fact that it was totally disrespectful to my best friend....I know what the whole weekend, let alone day, meant for her- and I know that seeing that would absolutely hurt my feelings too. Ug....idiots. Every last one of them *rolls eyes*. Jason said later that Scott called not long after, right after Nicolle picked me up....all upset telling him to drop it cause he was in trouble lol- as in don't tell me anything right? Ha. Dork. As if. He said later that Jeremy (he's a manwhore...Jason said it was entertaining just watching him all night lol- he's like going on about how he should've taken the first stripper he got a private dance with home....Jason's like hey- I'm game for a bachelor party and all....but that hot?? Yeah no- they were all like wasn't that hot *rolls eyes*. He's like the wedding crasher guy- ready to pounce on a bridesmaid and then go on with life lol. Hey...if I were single though....*raises eyebrows*....that's the downfall....he's hot and he knows it lol) announced Scott was getting married and it was all over from there. Yeah yeah....I know...I get it....but come on *rolls eyes*.

By the time we got to lunch she'd dropped it, and chosen to forget it and not let it ruin the time she's planned and made perfect and looked forward to. That doesn't make it okay, but you get the point. Then at lunch her sisters try and tell her she's being ridiculous and it was his last night out and blah blah blah *rolls eyes*- to which I said to drop it b/c when we'd gotten there she'd dropped it and let it go and they were just antoginizing her. Besides that, if one of their husbands had done that....they wouldn't....all hell would break loose. Kim would kick Marks ass flat out and call it off even- yeah just over I don't think she overreacted at all. Whatever yo. We went on with our pedicures and all that fun girl stuff. Rehersal was that night....then the dinner afterwards. OMFG. Her Dad and his best friend are terrible influences lol....they were handing out shots all over the place (mind you we had a slight stress upon arrival to Playa Azul when there were people in our party room and we couldn't decorate first...they'd gotten the time but it worked out in the end and was way fun)- I dunno how much Nicolle had....but a lot. It was fun....but then it was back to reality. I go to pick her up and drop Jason off with the guys at their place and she's soooo wasted. She's mouthing off and trying to pick fights with Jeremy lol *rolls eyes*. Loud as hell *rolls eyes*. Is she packed for the hotel (we stayed there Fri too)....oh hell no. And is Scott gonna do it?? Oh hell no. I do *sigh*. I was so irritated with him by the time we finally got out of there....I ask where her pj drawer is....he says oh just grab a pair of my shorts she can just wear them *rolls eyes*- uh okay....remember we're also packing for the following day/ know....your wedding and honeymoon?!? A little help please...? Ug. I had to get bitchy to get someone to carry the coasters to the car (that Amy and I were up until 3am putting together b/c Nicolle put it off for so long...and then passed out anyways) b/c I can't do it...but they watch me try *throws hands up* (glass...heavy...). It was just chaos and that was not good when we had shit to do.

Like a champ- Ms Drinker woke up hangover-less and happy the next morning, thank goodness *sigh*. Everything went farily flawless from there....other than getting halfway back to the church and realizing her hoop for the dress was downtown in Wichita at the alteration ladys house and we had to turn around....we were 30 minutes late lol but hey, only for getting ready for pics *shrugs*. It was all in all a fun day and night.

Then my birthday was Sunday. Shittiest one ever yo. Ug. I finally got my first card Wednesday...holla! *rolls eyes*. I just won't even go there. I might as well have not ever had one at all.

Kids were sick this week. I had a barfing Cooper two days in a row and my kid caught it and joined him yesterday. Luckily they're both fine now....but my house isn't. They say its just me but I swear I still smell puke in our room (where Cooper threw up milk....eew)- I spent a buttload last night buying a bunch of different carpet cleaning things and smell good stuff *sigh*. I'm kinda pissed but whatever.

In other news my parents decided to up and offer helping with wedding stuff- all of it. I talked to my StepMom last night and I think we're on the same page with things. She's checking dates for december and january today....exciting....but kinda scary too- pressure wise....its not that long....but hell we've had 10 years....what's a couple months? I'll update on that situation later though. For now a picture or two and I'm out...nm I lied...its not working for me. There are some on my MySpace....I'll put some on OD over the weekend- so there ya go. Have a good one guys!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007


I'm rather annoyed today- blah. For starters last I checked, Jason was taking a personal day for tomorrow...that means he'd get his paycheck today...yay for not having to screw around with getting it in the midst of wedding stuff, or waiting until Monday- apparently he decided nah, he'd rather not use a paid personal day, he'll just call in sick (bachelor party tonight lol so I'm sure technically he will be *rolls eyes* but that's another story in itself). Okay genius- so what about your check?!? I don't care if it's fine to make it through the weekend and into the week with what we have in the account already- what if though? What if something major happens and we needed that money in there, like it would be every other week of the gdamned year?!? Honestly it's more the up and deciding not to take the personal day without even mentioning it to me, or I'd have told him that's stupid before last night- duh. Ug. If that were me doing that- he'd be annoyed too. Men *sigh*. Thank gah we're going to On The Border for Nicolle's party tonight- I pretty much am in desperate need for one of their massive margaritas. Too bad I can't have one- well that one anyways- b/c I have to drive home and relieve my sister from Jaeli duty between 9 and 10p. Eh- I'm not really bitching though...I prefer it that way. My idea of a good time isn't getting trashed and getting up at the effing crack of dawn to start with all the wedding activity going on tomorrow through the day, into the rehersal and then dinner and so on. I'm a bitch if I don't get my sleep- I prefer to be in a good mood at the salon in the morning thanks. That and I can drink whatever and how ever much I please at the reception....walk a few hundred feet and pass out in my room;) Then I'm not in charge of cleaning it up either...heh. So....then there's the outfit thing. That outfit in my last entry was supposed to be for tomorrow- I was going to go back last night and exchange the jeans and another shirt but Nicolle wanted to go this morning anyways so I said yeah sure- I'll wait and just go with you. Didn't hear from her until going on 11am for starters. She says they'll be back by 1p and we'll go. Called her a bit after 1p and they were going by Party City, Walmart, and then home....then back to Wichita to meet the guys for tux stuff at then we'd have to go after that, and hurry we can get ready b/c our dinner reservation is for 6:30. I'm thinking ug....sob....well forget then I'll just go another time b/c there's no way in hell that's going to end up working out- and that's not including the fact that I need to meet up with Jason before the guys leave, and be here for my sister when she gets here to watch Jaeli. Ug. Why the hell didn't I just say screw it and go last night....I'm a jackass obviously. Ug I hate this. So, said outfit before is getting made into the outfit for tonight- and hopefully I can pull off going shopping tomorrow morning early to find something to replace that to wear to rehersal. I pretty much feel like banging my head on a wall right now.

So the bachelor party. I've gotta get Nicolle's phone and hide it. She's the kinda girl that'll be calling her man all night long wanting to know what he's doing and where and with whom...then leaving hateful messages on the voicemail when he doesn't answer- and just being miserable and no fun. Hey- she can wonder and worry....I'll give her a tiny bit of leway for that. But that's it- don't flip out, don't dwell on it, don't talk about it all night- kwim? We'll see how that goes. Scott was a big baseball player when we were all in college. The baseball boys are in town for the big event obviously- they're the wedding party along with Jason. baseball boys *ponders for a moment* well.....they know how to party- that's a good way of putting it I think;) Jason thinks he knows what he's in for lol....he doesn't have a clue what a "crazy time" with all of them, actually is- which amuses me thoroughly lol. He's gonna be in trouble yo. So naturally I assume they're hitting the local strip joints *shrugs* whatever.....I told them to go by Michelle's Beachhouse and see if they can't get free lap dances b/c some of the hoochies we went to high school with ended up working there- drop the fact that Scott is marrying Nicolle and surely they'd get some kinda perk right? *rolls eyes* lol. Anyhow- Nicolle decided she wants to go to OldTown (bars yo) after dinner and things--she didn't say it directly but I think its b/c she thinks that's where they're going to be lol. Jason said this weekend when we were driving to Dad's that we have no idea where they're going to be and that they're all sworn to secrecy, but he'd tell me its not in the city limits, so there will be no way she'll run into them down there- end of story. Psh...whatever *shrugs*. I was like duh on the city limits thing- there is an ordinance that bans strip clubs from being in city limits. He informed me that there will be far more going on with alcohol than naked women lol. Again...whatever *rolls eyes*. That's the least of my worries. I'm hotter than any of the hoochies at Michelle's lol- so what the hell do I have to worry about. Now if he comes home begging me to start wearing clear hooker shoes and wearing outfits where my fat can poke out but it's okay b/c its kinky or something- well then there will be a problem lol. But come the hell on, ya know? As long as he's not whoring around sleeping with some hoochie.....or more importantly (b/c I know he wouldn't lol) letting SCOTT whore around like that, and I know where he is at the end of the night (as in if he's coming home or staying with Coley or what)- then that's fine. Oh drugs with the slutty girls that were loaded on them in h.s. that I'm sure still routinely practice that little recreation. That's all I ask- I won't even give it another thought tonight. Nicolle? Ha. It'll never happen. I just know she's gonna be on edge all damn night :( Ah I did also insist the cell phone rule they made up for themselves (as in they're not going to have then she can't call lol) be changed and they don't have to tell her. I told Jason I'm definitely not comfortable with him not having his phone on him, or at least one of them having it and me knowing the number (I won't tell Cole I have it thus saving that drama)- not b/c of anything to do with them even. I was like hello- you guys aren't teenagers out to have a killer time and not be available and it be funny or a game.....they've got kids thanks.....and I'm telling you what- he'd much rather carry that effing phone than something happen to Jaeli, or to Cooper even, and me not be able to get ahold of them in need be. Obviously that's not all that likely- but boy would I be one pissed off Mama if it did. I'd kick their asses and then not speak to them for weeks;) So, he did agree that that wasn't asking much and was a good idea- as he'd feel like shit if that happened and I couldn't get him- so it worked out lol. Anyhow- I hope to God that nothing gets back to Nicolle about their little adventures tonight, b/c though I don't know all the details....I know the guys and I know Scott....and I know it's gonna be crazy. Cross your fingers none of them end up calling me from jail tonight *rolls eyes* lol. Omg she'd be livid pissed. Even more importantly...her parents would be lol. They're drawing straws to see who has to be the DD lmao. Jason says if he gets it he's coming down with the flu and going home *rolls eyes*. Dorks. Scott wanted to have Nicolle's nephew (he's 17 or 18) drive them around and wait outside for them- I told Jason that would be the stupidest thing he could ever do, b/c if you don't think Toph's gonna dish the details to us while he's sitting in the parking're effing crazy. They decided I had a point lol thus the straw thing.

*sighs* Welp...just needed to vent on my day a little. Better get over it and start getting around soon. Have a good night guys- I dunno if I'll be on here much in the next few days. Maybe tonight depending on how things go- but after that I'll be at the hotel for the next couple nights, so it'll probably be Sunday before I'm around again- just fyi *shrugs*.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Alright Bitches....

Look at me...and be honest-lol. I re-tried on the straight leg jeans and I'm on the fence. I absolutely must have a size bigger- as the waist is near pinching and I'm not squishing myself in them all white trash like so I have like divided fat lumps or something....eek! But- think legs here....I took some crappy pictures in attempt to show the whole deal here. Look...think...enlighten me- is the tighter straight thing workin' for me or no? I'm still worried about looking short and stubby...Jase thinks they're fine- but fine is guy code for "I don't know...I don't care...I'm staying out of this thanks." Here they are:

That's it yo.


Ta-da! I have a few more bows drying and need to finish adding some bling to a few of those ones in there (gotta get more glue tonight) and then I'll get them all lined up and email you pics and you can decide what you want or don't- whatever works. I'm still checking price wise b/c ones I found are asking like 2 bucks a bow- and I think that's ridiculous for dog bows, geez! I've been getting ambitious with bow boards and thought it'd be cute to have a Dior one I do the letters and all and suddenly realize duh- she's a dog...they've got rubber bands not clips *rolls eyes*. So I improvized and experimented with a box instead cause hey- had to send them in one anyways lol;) Anyhow here's a preview so far...

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Started this last night and stopped in the midst of here we go...

Did a little light shopping GM gave me $$ Saturday for my birthday so I do whatever. Welp...after listening to Jason tell me Sunday and Monday that I desperately need new jeans, I decided maybe he was right and got some lol;) So I have this old pair of jeans that are like my favorite ever- super comfy....they got a hole started on the inside of one thigh *grr*. I would so never wear them out of the house lol...but I do wear them around here when I'm cleaning or when I'm lounging around and have others in the laundry or whatever *shrugs*. Who cares yo. I was like hello babe....all of my jeans are in the effing washer or dryer or next load to be done b/c of the whole getting flooded in Dad's basement ordeal. Duh. I wasn't kidding when I said all my clothes were affected thanks....not even exaggerating a little- that was that. He decided that's a good point and that was that. I however...found some cute stuff tonight and got them anyways.

So basically some thoughts....I needed something to wear friday for the rehersal and dinner (obviously its farily casual *shrugs* but I should still look way more cute than anyone else...ha;) ). My issue is this:I grabbed another size after trying a pair similar to these on, get home and they're the straight leg 'skinny jean' style and not the low boot cut one I tried on. Fuckers that don't pay attention to that stuff when they put things! On one hand I'm like eh, fine....on the other, I'm afraid it'll look ridiculous b/c I'm short....and don't have sticks for legs thanks. I dunno if I should just go with these or not???

I can't decide if I like that tshirt or not either lol. It was about time to close and I saw it and thought it was cute on the table and just went for it. Put it on....not so sure if I like it or not. Maybe I'm just a normal necklace kinda gal *shrugs* lol;) I LOVE these jeans though....they're seriously the most soft comfy pair I've ever had in my life I think. I actually got the dark/almost black but you'd have to see in person to get that I think pair of jeans to go with the black shirt (I'd tried other shirts on with them and didn't like them, but did like the jeans) just for fun *shrugs*. The other shirt is Charlotte Russe (who is having a HUGE sale much as my taste seems to always wind up being for the most expensive thing on the planet...I'm also somewhat cheap- as far as watching for sales goes anyhow lol....why own one pair of something when you can own 5 *shrugs* lol). $10 people. $10 effin' dollars is all I spent and they had TONS of shirts like that on sale- I'd have gotten gotten more if there wasn't 30 minutes until close and I had Jaeli to push clear to the other side of the mall for one last stop *sigh*. I'm just happy I got that one....I looked at it like a week ago when Nicolle and I were shopping (she tends to not last so long in Charlotte Russe cause they don't carry her sizes- and me....I can get lost in there forever lol) and she pointed out that Jason and his GP would have a hay day making fun of me, because it's brown/gold- which just so happen to be our old school colors (Dean gives me crap about being a "cream puff" or used to all the time anyways lol, b/c our sports teams all sucked so badly and apparently he thought I gave a damn;) I was like Dean...hello....I'm captain of the cheer squad- and we're what the hell do I care if anyone wins *shrugs*? We won awards at camp....they finally managed getting down my basket toss without me plunging into the ground....we had fun at the games bs'ing with each other....I don't care about anyone else *shrugs* lol *rolls eyes*). So they've given me crap b/c I wear a lot of brown anyways- I mean geez as if I wear it b/c it's related to school colors lol *rolls eyes*. I just so happen to look good in brown thank you very much;) Anyhow so I didn't get it then....I'm glad though now yo. Screw 25 bucks when I can get it for 10. Heh.

Anyhow that's all I've got so far I think to report. Just trying to figure out what to wear tomorrow to the bachelorette deal and then Friday I'm wearing the first top- just dunno if I should take the jeans back tomorrow or what *scratches head*.

Ooh on another note- Cherilyn brought Kenadaey and Kassidy over with her when she dropped off our fundraiser food we ordered from Kenadaey (holy crap that shits expensive these days- thirty bucks for 2 pizzas and some burritos....good lord....I'd spend like 15 at the grocery store...if that lol) (I should clarify- Cherilyn is my Mom's third husbands do ya like that lol *rolls eyes*....therefore she's stepmom to my youngest sister Kenadaey....Kassidy is her and Ken's little girl....end clarification here.). She saw my halloween bows and brought them with so they could each pick one....then she asked if I could do a custom order for them both that are black/orange (Augusta is the Orioles, hence black and orange- and her oldest son is a Senior and is a hardcore football player and an even better they're forever at games and wearing Oriole themed shirts and such)- so I ended up making 35 bucks outta the blue for four sets (eh I cut her a little bit of a deal just b/c geez...she ended up wanting me to do more than I anticipated....Kenadaey's my sister so come on....and on top of all that she was raving to a coworker who is pg about them after she'd seen them a few days ago and wanted me to send her my site info....she works for the Wichita Business Journal- she's got connections yo lol *rolls eyes* eh, or at least works with a lot of women who have kids and could probably help me advertise a little bit- I'm game *shrugs*). Within the last two weeks its kinda started paying off or whatever you wanna call it lol. I've sold on eBay with other lots of clothes I'm getting rid of anyhow, but not sold much by themselves (God and everyone sell them there)- I sold several sets by themselves last week and got emails via those auctions from other people wanting custom stuff, then people over the weekend at the festival thing, then this with Cherilyn- as I'm finally finishing the doggie bows for Kristin this week too lol. Dude you'd have a hay day laughing at me finishing them up- I got rubber bands to attach instead of clips b/c I think they'll be too big....and I got my nails all done up and beautiful for the wedding this weekend....omg *swoons*. I sat last night for like a half hour just trying to peel the glue off them lol. On the other hand....I end up with way less burnt fingertips b/c of them being so long I have to improvise and slowly go about it- which is nice for a change lol. After I finish the deal they go in tonight I'll post pictures. I also did this bow board Friday for Nicolle's neice:

Her birthday was Saturday and she's a bow freak lol and has several from me and obviously others period. I had made her a Halloween one anyway, then decided to try out this idea i had for the board and made her 6 more bows lol *shrugs*. Eh what the heck- it's a good start;) I was happy with how it turned out. Hopefully I won best birthday present this year- she's pretty girlified lol;)

Anyhow....welp I better go. I'm enjoying my week so far. Scott's Mom came into town early so she's kept Cooper Monday and Tuesday....and Nicolle has the rest of the week off anyhow- so I'm free- just Jae and I. It's so quiet and peaceful I don't know what to do with myself lol;) Jaeli's getting a cold though I think :( Not cool. We're going to be gone all weekend and she's staying with Pa and Grandma. Stopped to get her medicine last night that seemed to help a ton....better go check up on her again and then go pick up her room lol. Later guys!!

Monday, October 8, 2007

MIA a little bit...

We went to my Dad's for the weekend- it was their Octoberfest weekend. The last time we went was when I was pregnant with Jaeli lol- but had noooooo clue....which led to me bawling at the ob b/c I had entirely too much to drink that weekend....I mean hello- I didn't even suspect such a thing let alone know it yet (like two weeks after was when I did I believe). Anyhow it was fun- we had a good time. I got a little annoyed....all my siblings want to go out and drink and party and what not- I felt kinda left behind or something I guess...but then they call or show up wanting me to come join them.....and don't understand that that just isn't my thang' right now. I'm the one who has to be up at 6am when someone starts hollaring for Mommy....sorry, but drinking it up for a few hours before going to bed in the early am not my idea of a good time anymore. I don't get to just sleep it off- yet no one gets that *rolls eyes*. was nice to get away for a weekend....and I always end up having a good time bs'ing with my Dad when we go anyhow. It was nice to get home last night though too.

Anyhow- I'm busy around here getting things back in normal form. There was a plumbing issue at Dad's Saturday evening....somehow the room we were in started to flood, and naturally I'd taken my clothes out that morning and got what I wanted and left the rest folded and stacked neatly by the bag they were in....thus they got soaked- and we couldn't run the washer with not knowing why the basement was flooding and all. Sucked. Luckily I had one outfit and pair of heels that were thrown on the bed and fine....sucked though b/c the sidewalks down mainstreet apparently don't like you to wear stilettos to Octoberfest. Fuckers. I hurt my knee from the running last week- I don't know how lol. I woke up to a swollen painful knee the next morning and that was that. It was feeling better two days later- sore but better.....I look all cute and go walking down to the street dance with Jason, Ty and fucking heel gets stuck between bricks in the sidewalk- naturally the one on the leg that has the sore knee- which then twisted to the side and plunged right on into the sidewalk. I dropped my damn phone and it got scratched on the back (I never thought I'd ever be that anal about my phone...that's Jason job...but it really pissed me off this time lol *shrugs*)- and the palms of my hands were scraped raw from putting them out to catch my fall. Not cool. Unfortunately I have to say also...I was completely sober at the time *sighs*. Oh well lol;) I had better luck walking in the damn things after we'd been to the Beer Garden and then to my sister's friends house for crown and Pepsi lol. Go figure *shrugs*.

Anyhow...I have pics and things I'll try and put up later or tomorrow. Just busy around here today. It's going to be a busy week anyhow too, b/c of the wedding coming up on Saturday and everything surrounding that. Just thought I'd check in though;)

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Park Outing

Welp Jason and I went out for our nightly togetherness *rolls eyes* (that's my new name for sounds nicer I think...heh) and took Jaeli to the park along the way. In fact that'd be what she refers to now as "Buggy's Park" lol. Hey- whatever makes her happy yo *shrugs*. I took some pictures while we were there. She loves it.

The end!! Have a good night.